Consignment & Resale Opportunities

​Items for CONSIGNMENT are items that are used, gently used, new, nearly new, vintage, original and/or exotic that you intend to make a profit from. These are usually items that can not be returned to the store, are not the correct size, style, fit​ or are simply unwanted. Much like EBay, we facilitates the sale of your items by providing a place to host and advertise your item. ​

***Tightfisted Fashion offers consignment services and resale options by appointment only.***


Items for consignment must be in gently used, new or well-kept vintage condition.

Please keep in mind that we can only accept items that are free of: holes, stains, odor, scratches, scuffs, marks, tears, snags, security tags/devices,

How Our Consignment Process Works

Send us 5-10 photos of your items for review to We will let you know whether they are what we are looking for.

Contact us to set up a time to bring in your items. Must have at least 10 items--vintage, gently used, and/or with tags.

Discuss the consignment plan and negotiate price points of sale for each item.

Receive sale status and funds for sold/unsold items each month.

Tightfisted Fashion's Consignment Agreement

1.   Consignments are accepted daily and are sold on a 50/50 basis. Seller percentage is reduced each month as the   item cost is reduced to encourage sale. Consignor will always retain larger cut as items are reduced.

2.   Clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories must be brought in cleaned, ironed and in good condition. Items with unintentional rips, tares, stains, broken zippers, missing buttons, holes, pet hair or odors will not be accepted by the Consignor.

3.   Any items that do not meet the criteria for consignment will be returned or donated at the Consignor’s discretion. If the Consignor does not pick up the item(s) or contact Seller within one week of being notified of acceptance or rejection, consignor forfeits merchandise.

4.   Clothing sold within 60 days will be sold at the original price. After 60 days, up to 90 days prices will be reduced by 20%. After 90 days, up to 120 days prices will be reduced by 50% of the original asking price. Should an item not sell after 120 days, the Consignor may opt to either pick up the item, donate the item to charity, or forfeit the item to Tightfisted Fashion to be used at our discretion.

5.   Seller determines price and reserves the right to run specials, sales or other discounted events at any time. Consignors will be notified of these events via this website, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or the Tightfisted Fashion blog.

6.   Tightfisted Fashion accepts no liability or responsibility for damages and will not offer compensation to Consignor should an item become damaged due to fire, flood, theft or vandalism.

7.   This agreement can be terminated by either with Consignor or Seller at any time.


     NAME ____________________________________________________________________________________

     ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________________________

     PHONE __________________________       EMAIL _______________________________________________


     CONSIGNOR NUMBER ____________________

     START DATE _____________________________                END DATE _______________________________

     CONSIGNOR:  ______________________________            DATE  _______________

     CONSIGNEE:  ______________________________             DATE  _______________


   Do you want to receive your items back if they do not sell during the period?                            YES                NO     

   Do you want to donate your pieces to the store if the period expires?                                        YES                NO     

   Do you want to donate your pieces to one of our local charities if the period expires?               YES                NO     


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