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Welcome Team Tightfisted,

Thank you for checking out Tightfisted Fashion! We have stayed grounded and involved in the local community since we began online in 2012. We hope that you will continue to support us and our efforts to live a renewed life through secondhand living. You may see out throughout the area vending, participating in local events/programs, mentoring, holding workshops and consulting on secondhand and fashion. We appreciate everyone that has grown with and supported us thus far. We hope to return the favor by keeping you informed and interested in our events as well as some great ones in the DMV! We have highlighted a few events on our site, but don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Zakiya's Story

I started blogging about my thrifting adventures and my daily outfits when I decided to launch Tightfisted Fashion.  I began this business by selling items online, at community yard sales and vending at area markets.  Today, you can find Tightfisted Fashion creating unique social and shopping events, collaborating with and supporting other businesses and selling and consigning items online and in our resale store.

Ebony's Story

Ebony Evans, known most appropriately as Amorous Ebony, is a vocal and theatre performer, artists, creative, jeweler, teacher and healer. Aside from dharing her talents and craft with her community, she has a love for secondhand shopping, small business support and uplift.  Her entrprenuership and passion is evident in her extraordinary handmade jewelry line, Amorous Designs.  She bring years of retail and customer service experience to Tightfisted Fashion as she manages the daily operations of Tightfisted Fashion's physical resale and consignment store.